Give Something Back to Berlin is an award-winning association that connects migrants, refugees, and locals to engage in building an open and inclusive society.

    We focus on the impact of migration in an urban, local context and develop innovative practices that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. We nurture spaces where new and established Berliners work together to foster individual and collective creativity.

    We challenge the way integration is described.
    We make worlds meet for a better city.


    Calls for volunteers and offers for capacity building courses and workshops



    • Stipendien für Arbeitnehmende aus dem gemeinnützigen Sektor

      Für den Probebetrieb des Modellprojekts The Soul Office sucht die gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Bildung KOPF, HAND + FUSS Stipendiat*innen.

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    • Fit für den Beruf und Deutschunterricht

      VHS Neukölln ist auf der Suche nach neuen Teilnehmer*innen für drei Vollzeitlehrgänge. Alle drei sind kostenlos und können jederzeit begonnen werden.

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    • Sprechstunde / Consulting hours for refugees

      For any kind of information and help you need. Either we will help you or find someone to do it.

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    • Learn English and Arabic for free!

      Join Give Something Back to Berlin's weekly English and Arabic gatherings to boost your language skills!

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    Activity Calendar

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    Please go to the Activity Calendar to see our weekly programme.

    • Active for Democracy and Tolerance

      Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance


    • Hatun Sürücü

      Alliance 90/The Greens


    • Heroes

      Berliner Zeitung


    • The Responsibles

      Robert Bosch Foundation


    • Berlin Music Commission

      Listen to Berlin


    • The Diversity Advantage Challenge

      Council of Europe


    • Intercultural Innovation

      UN & BMW


    • Blue Bear for Civic Engagement

      Berlin Senate & EU


    • Social Innovation

      Social Impact Lab


    • New Neighbour Shift

      Montag Foundation


    Your donation empowers us to continue our work.

    You can contribute to our work and become part of our community by making a donation, either as a private person or as an organisation. Every donation is important for us, big or small, from 10 euro a month to one-time 5000 euro contribution.