Cooking up an intercultural storm

This week GSBTB has the honour of hosting the alumni-network of The Intercultural Innovation Award from United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the BMW Group who are in Berlin at a conference. We are throwing a big dinner party to bring together global projects, global migrants and global thinking activists. I mean, who needs Tim Raue when you can cook with Syrian TV-chef MALLAKE and her husband MOHAMMAD and their neighbours in one of the WG-kitchens of Sharehaus Refugio? You might have seen them in Die Zeit last weekend.

Mallake and Mohammad are a Syrian couple freshly reunited in Berlin after 14 long months of separation. Mohammad came via the terrifying sea route and when his legal status was clarified he could invite his wife who had been waiting in Jordan. Many Syrian men come alone because they do not want to risk the lives of their wives and children. They opt for taking a risk alone and then apply for family reunification.

If you want to taste their cooking magic yourself, you can still sign up to GSBTBerliner HANIA’s little pop-up restaurant event with them and follow her Illegal Friends for more events and stories.