Official GSBTB bags ready to purchase

    Logo GSBTB

    Official GSBTB bags ready to purchase

    Yep, we’ve gone and done it: we’ve made official GSBTB tote bags! We skipped our logo, name and all that stuff. What’s left is our core message: that we come from all over the world, have unique backgrounds and have been blessed/burdened with different legal statuses/privileges but in the end we’re all neighbours. In this one city. On this one planet. It might sound cheesy, but it’s 100% true.

    The bags are ready for sale now for €15 with 50% of proceeds going directly to GSBTB’s refugee work (the rest goes to the adminstrative cost of sending it here and there). The bag is made from recycled organic material and yes, it is an epic Christmas gift that will spread an important message everywhere you take it/wear it!

    You can buy one right now online.

    Big thanks to the lovely GSBTBerliner and bag designer Sarah from Matriarch who jumped off the corporate career track at Nike and Reebok in the US to start designing for quality and equality here in Berlin <3

    We’ll also have them for sale at the lovely, sustainable Christmas shopping event Folkdays & Friends Pop-Up Shop between 12th and 20th of December.