Refugee connection building evening at Agora

Simply WOW. The community team up yesterday went better than we ever could have wished for! Agora said they’ve never seen the house so packed (150 people? More?) and all the hundred billion different connections being made!?!

Newly arriveds finding apartments for themselves being able to leave the homophobic refugee shelter behind, journalists connecting with other journalists, syrian english teachers who are now starting to teach in Berlin, dancers who gotten connected with local dance groups, people who simply hooked up and are now going exploring Berlin on the weekend, newly arrivers finding artistic platforms and projects where to express how it really is to flee your country and live on the run, all the people who exchanged telephone numbers, all the friendly chit-chatting, all the good food and good beer that raised over 400 euros to art therapy for refugee children, all the general awesomeness!?!

Thanks again and AGAIN everyone for making yesterday such a magical evening – we sure can’t wait until next time so stay tuned here and on our Facebook!