American study visit in Berlin – learning through volunteering

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    American study visit in Berlin – learning through volunteering

    On a cold January day GSBTB hosted a large group of  American and Danish students who were in Berlin to learn about German history, migration, multicultural communities and the refugee topic.

    They were able to participate in some intensive “learning by caring and sharing” at a half-day GSBTB workshop for and with refugees. The program was a highly interactive one with everything from talks from refugee experts, volunteering in several creative workshops (dance! music! art!) as well heaps of friendly chit chatting with young newcomers from Afghanistan, Syria and Lebanon sharing their stories.

    The day was set in a moden refugee home / living project that acts as a prototype for refugee homes all over Germany. The workshop was held by GSBTB´s qualified psychotherapist, art therapist and expert on migration to give the best possible context and understanding for all people taking part! This is not a traditional “charity” volunteering day with someone being “helped” by another – this is about people learning from each other.

    If your university/company/group is interested in participating in this kind of activity – don’t hesitate to contact us at GSBTB! True to our motto “Making worlds meet working together for a better city” we believe in the power of education through personal meetings!