100 newcomers practicing German every week

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    100 newcomers practicing German every week

    Kicking off in January, Give Something Back to Berlin’s latest project Sprachcafé sees newcomers of all kinds meeting with native German speakers to practice speaking German every week. Our English café has been running weekly for over two years and until this January we sent off many, MANY volunteers (and students) to our project partner Break Isolation Deutsch Unterricht which runs German classes in many shelters all over the city. We are super happy to finally be able to host our own regular German language event and see it becoming such a huge success!

    Organised in collaboration with Sharehaus Refugio, the first gathering on 30 January had about 100 attendees!

    People split off into language-level groups and spent two hours chatting in German, with help from a native speaker when needed.

    For many, it is a chance to build on skills developed in more formal classes, as well as a chance to meet German-speaking friends.

    If you are interested in practicing German or would like to volunteer as a German teacher, please come along to SPRACHCAFE. We’ll be there every Wednesday 17.30-19.30, Sharehaus Refugio, Lenaustrasse 4, 12047 Neukölln. We als need more german teachers so please sign up here if you are interested and join in with teachers who write us amazing messages like this:

    “Hi! I’m currently looking for a job until I get back into studying this coming Fall for a Masters in Politics and Economy, but until then I’d gladly enjoy helping refugees in anyway I can. I have a mother tongue knowledge of German/English. So I’d love to be a tandem partner or perhaps even teach German to a small group of people who may need help. Love what this website stands for, and think it’s a great way to help the incoming people get accustomed to German society. Plus, it has to also be a great way to get some social and indirectly also business networking done. Looking forward to any opportunities.”

    “ich war am samstag beim 1. cafe dabei.. toll! ich war lehrerin – unterrichte an der vhs jetzt refugees in deutsch… bin 63 jahre alt und nehme – bis auf diesen samstag-regelmäßig teil! thanks and greetings to you all.”