Free online course: Migration Matters

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    Free online course: Migration Matters

    Our friends At Collidoscope Berlin have launched a free online course on migration which aims to turn the contentious migration debate into an open conversation grounded in evidence and research.

    Migration Matters will allow students to ask the questions, and have them answered by researchers, practitioners and migrants themselves, ensuring that students return to the migration debate with arguemtns supported by evidence and research.

    As the four founders explain, “Our goal is to make sure that after completing the MigrationMatters course, you have the satisfaction of knowing your views on migration are grounded in facts, evidence, and rigorous thought. You will become a more confident conversation partner with friends, family, and colleagues on one of today’s most contentious issues.”

    We think it sounds like an excellent way to keep the debate fair and true, and we particularly love that migrants will be on hand to answer questions – because who else knows the migrant experience better than migrants?

    You can sign up for the course at Migration Matters.