Open Art Shelter Klunkerkranich Rooftop Edition

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    Open Art Shelter Klunkerkranich Rooftop Edition

    Iconic Berlin bar Klunkerkranich hosted a very special edition of GSBTB Open Art Shelter on 1 June, way up on a rooftop overlooking Neukölln and the rest of the city.

    The much coveted hipster haunt set on top of the Neukölln Arcaden shopping centre became a beautiful space for refugees and non-refugees to mix and mingle. Participants took part in a range of creative activities, including knitting, photography, drawing and painting, invoking the cosiness of craft circles found in cultures all over the globe.

    GSBTB Open Art Shelter manager Hania Hakiel wrote: “It is exciting to give a camera to a child or any other person I hardly know and see what happens. Some other photos are taken by Mohammad, a young charming man from Damascus. But the majority of the photos capture reality as perceived by a seven-year-old Syrian boy.”

    “I love to look at these photos. You see people being together in a location that fosters creativity and chillin. You can not say who is a local, who is a refugee, who is just a random customer of the bar. I also love how welcoming the people from Klunkerkranich were to us. We made some mess and noise, but it just felt like naturally adding colors to an already colorful place.”

    Mohammad wrote, “Habibi, I really thank you for this fantastic day.”