Gardening at Klunkerkranich every Wednesday

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    Gardening at Klunkerkranich every Wednesday

    At the beginning of June, GSBTB Open Art Shelter was welcomed to Klunkerkranich, the rooftop bar and garden in Neukölln.

    This week they went back for a second session of art, craft and gardening. The good news is that a group of gardeners will now be meeting there every Wednesday at 12:00 midday, and everyone – new and old – is welcome to join. Thanks very much to Klunkerkranich for sharing your spectacular space with us. Here are some impressions of the day:

    Last Wednesday when some of us were drawing and painting, others joined the team on the Klunkerkranich rooftop garden planting new herbs, flowers, tomatoes… So simple. So beautiful. Some of us will be there now every Wednesday planting, watering, loving the nature in the city, being close to the clouds. You are also welcomed. Remember, Wednesday, 12:00, Klunkerkranich rooftop garden. Why should you join us? Just listen to our stories…

    Alqaaqaa: “Today, something new made me really happy. I saw a hidden smile on a face of a countryside man, who is missing everything about his not-so-famous, tiny village. It was because today he took the chance to be in an open space, doing his passion, “agriculture”. He enjoyed his time while his wife and kids were enjoying their time, away from the bad conditions in camp where they live. It is the first time in Berlin that made me really happy of doing or sharing something with other people. Thank you guys, if I had the right I would name the group “Give something back to yourself” and not to Berlin.”

    Hania: “…and then the man showed me a video from his lost land, a vast space with 1200 sheep walking through it looking for grass. He said, “when you live so close to the desert, you appreciate each and every plant. I miss all of it. ISIS took everything. I have nothing but hope for my children and love for my family.” He looked at his hands still dirty from digging in soil. He watered them with tears. I walked home crying myself…”

    Joy: “What a difference it makes to have a little plot of “earth” to plant and call your own. I hope Open Art Shelter can connect more people with their passions and give them something they can take ownership of – to unlock hidden smiles, and to maybe even start to feel (just a little) at home here…”