Aydan Özoguz attends the GSBTB Community Team Up at Klunkerkranich rooftop

The September edition of the GSBTB Community Team Up was a very special one indeed.

We were honoured to host both Aydan Özoguz, Minister of State in the German Chancellery and Commissioner for Immigration, Refugees and Integration and Dr. Franziska Giffey, the mayor of Neukölln, to show them our projects and introduce them to our community.

Dr. Franziska Giffey, Annamaria Olsson (GSBTB Founder), Aydan Özoguz and GSBTB Director Lucy Thomas.

We had the GSBTB Open Kitchen serving Syrian and Egyptian delights to our guests. And the GSBTB Open Art Shelter invited families from the nearby Tempelhof refugee shelter, including about 50 children, to come and do art on the rooftop for a change. Some wrote letters about their experiences to be presented to the Minister.

A huge thank you to everyone who came, and of course to Klunkerkranich for generously hosting us on your stunning rooftop!

The Minister speaking with GSBTB Open Kitchen volunteer and head checf Amjad Aldhna.

GSBTB volunteer Wael Alafandy reads a speech prepared especially for the politicians.

GSBTB Open Art Shelter Manager Hania Hakiel introudcing the minister to a family living at Tempelhof refugee shelter.

Food by GSBTB Open Art Shelter.

143 Band, originally from Afghanistan.

All photos by the incredible Kalle Kuikkaniemi.