Storytelling and fundraising dinner with Afghan cuisine

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    Storytelling and fundraising dinner with Afghan cuisine

    Our storytelling and fundraising dinner for the GSBTB Open Art Shelter at Tempelhof was a heartwarming way to end the year at GSBTB.

    Lovely Afghan women from Tempelhof had created true FOOD ART as hig- level and artistic as the rest of the cosy gallery and art space SomoS. The group of was wonderfully diverse, with guests such as Kimberly Emerson (board of directors of Human Rights Watch and wife of the american ambassador of Germany), as well as her incredible friends, lovely people from Nike Sportswear’s Berlin office, SPD – AG Migration und Vielfalt Neukölln, Berliner Sparkasse, SWEA Berlin, Eva Herlitz from Buddy Bärs, tons of hard working GSBTB volunteers and community members from all over the world.

    There were so many of beautiful moments, but here’s one that stood out for us: Bashar from ملتقى Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum- Geflüchtete als Guides in Berliner Museen brought along his family who just arrived from the airport after having been separated and not seeing each other for over a year. That they decided to spend their first evening in Germany together with us was maybe the greatest honour of all.

    Bashar’s family, who have lived in Baku since the outbreak of the war in Syria, some of the GSBTB team when we were in Azeribaijan receiving our Intercultural Innovation Award in April. Now we had the opportunity to reciprocate the invitation in Berlin.

    Thanks very much to everyone who came along: guests, volunteers and community members, for a ewonderful evening of sharing stories from around the world and focusing on what we can do for the women and children living in the Tempelhof shelter.