“We are all looking for our own voice in this world”

This interview was first published on Neu in Berlin.

Aziz: From Dakar to Berlin

“We are all looking for our own voice in this world. As a refugee, you don’t always get to express so for me, music became a messenger. It’s a powerful thing – it makes you heard and unites you with others.

I sing and rap in a band Wulaba – Refugees voice. Our music is afro beat with reggae and arabic influences, made by musicians from all over the world with and without refugee status. Our songs carry messages about refugee rights – music is our way of activism.

I arrived to Berlin as a refugee one year ago. First I was sleeping on the streets but slowly, through the support of other refugees and local refugee organisations, I found my way. It still took over six months to find a home. Lot of refugees have talent but it’s not easy to reach things without language, money, papers and local connections – you really need support. It’s good to connect with local organisations like Give Something Back To Berlin – they can really help you to find your way.”