January Team-up wrap up

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    January Team-up wrap up


    Thanks again to all of you for joining for our January team up. Here info of some of the projects and awesome peeps attending!


    Abwab is the first Arabic newspaper in Germany, is looking for volunteer translators (Arabic <> English or Arabic <> German). Join our multilingual editorial team if you want to build journalistic bridges between locals and newcomers!

    Sailesh Naidu

    “I am a researcher with the Alexander Von Humboldt Stiftung and I am looking speak with teachers who are currently working with refugees in their classrooms. My research is focused on the social inclusion of refugee youth and will be looking at what kind of support teachers need in order work better with refugees. If you would like to participate in an interview please contact me at: naidu.sailesh@gmail.com

    Tihon Annenkov

    “My project is a Facebook duolingual community called Cultural Life in Berlin – Kulturelles Leben in der Hauptstadt. The idea of this community is to connect different people who are interested in getting to know the cultural side of Berlin. For now it’s mostly a platform to find like-minded people for activities, but it slowly becomes something more – every second week we make a Stammtisch in a different cafe or restaurant to get to know each other and I want to start to post about social and volunteering possibilities in Berlin as well. I will also support your cause by informing people about the work you do in GSBTB.” Here is the link!

    Chris Morrin

    “I’m a co-presenter for an English speaking radio show on Berlin’s FLUX FM. We are looking to interview people who want to share their stories/events/movements, messages we feel that need to be heard. Send an email to see if we can spread the word. chrismorrin@gmail.com”

    Herzbeutel (working title)

    “We are planning to start a programme for young women (18 – 26 yrs) of refugee background, combing both visual arts and craft, and some story telling. Led by Corrie Barclay who will guide the art work and Jaya Härtlein who will assist in story-telling and drama.
    Each participant will make a canvas bag by hand, and paint it by their own design. Then we will tell stories about the things the women could or could not bring on this journey: memories, courage, images … what they have carried in their hearts.
    We would like participants to experience how rich they are, even if they had to leave most belongings behind.
    At the moment we need help finding participants – any assistance is much appreciated – please contact us on:

    Das Freundschafts Projekt / The friendship project

    …is an intercultural cooperative portrait photography project celebrating inclusiveness in Berlin.
    Looking for Germans in Berlin to be photographed with a foreign friend.
    Looking for foreigners in Berlin to be photographed with a German friend.
    Participants can find out more and get in touch via the Facebook page!

    Wulaba Band

    Wulaba are really good friends of ours and make great music. Their style is usually a broad mix of different African styles, Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, R’n’B, but they are open to other ideas as well. Currently, they are in need of a new singer and percussionists mostly. They usually practice on Sundays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Noizy Rooms in Friedrichshain. Contact them at:
    And here’s a video of Wulaba performing!

    Dynamis e.V.

    Dynamis supports people with disabilities and their families in a variety of ways, through afternoon activities and outings, for example. One of the easiest ways to get involved is through their Friday afternoon activities programme, so head on over to their Giving on our website to sign up or check out their website (German only) for more info on them.
    Giving: https://gsbtb.org/organization/95326

    Susie Kahlich (Pretty Deadly)

    Self defense workshops for volunteers & refugee women and girls, and for women in shelters and halfway homes. These self defense workshops are designed or women of every age, every body type, every skill level. Based on real-life situations, realistic settings, and in the clothes women actually wear, workshop begins with the basics of natural body movement, intuition and strategy, builds to simple exercises and effective techniques.
    Contact Susie if you came to Germany as a consequence of forced migration or work with people who have, and would like to set up workshops together or participate!
    Contact form on our website: https://gsbtb.org/expat/93508


    A project by our good friend and former museum director from Damascus, Bachar, offering free entry and Arabic language tours for refugees and their friends at four of Berlin’s most renowned museums twice a week.
    More infos and ways to contact Bachar in his Giving on our website: https://gsbtb.org/expat/67026

    GSBTB Theatre Project

    This is a project in the works by GSBTB’ers Aroud and Lindsey. They are planning to set up a regular group aiming to put on performances sharing funny/sad/memorable moments related to a new life in Germany.
    Get in touch with us through: hello@gsbtb.org


    Thanks again for coming, and hopefully you will find info and ways to contact people that you might have missed during the event. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask them!!

    And see you next time