What Is Migration Matters?

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    What Is Migration Matters?

    Migration Matters was founded in January 2016 to address the public’s biggest conundrums and fears surrounding migration and the so-called refugee crisis.

    Our free video-based courses break down commonly held preconceptions about migration and offer nuanced and solution-oriented perspectives from leading thinkers in the field: researchers, practitioners, as well as migrants and refugees themselves.

    Our mission is ambitious but simple: to approach the migration debate as an open and evidence-based conversation, where no concern is ridiculed and no question dismissed.

    In order to spur such a conversation, we seek to empower those working in the field of newcomer support with information, nuance, and new perspectives. If our courses help you, advocates and activists, feel better equipped for those tough conversations surrounding this topic, we will have reached one of our most valued and valuable target groups.

    But we need your help.

    Help us change the debate around migration by informing your family and friends about Migration Matters, sharing our videos, and contributing your questions and ideas for future course topics!

    You can get started right away, by providing your comments and answering two short questions in the survey below.

    You should also sign up for our newest course, A Migrant’s View, here. It’s a bit different than our other courses, focussing on both research about so-called “origin countries” (where migrants and refugees come from) and stories of arrival, waiting, and return. By signing up for our newsletter on our site, you’ll be the first to know which courses we’ll be releasing next (trust us, there will be more).

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