Job integration á la GSBTB – Amjad’s story

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    Job integration á la GSBTB – Amjad’s story

    Here’s why we yawn a bit when people talk about “integration” as if it’s this huge mystery and riddle one needs super expensive specialists to “solve”.

    People need other people. People need networks. People need the opposite of isolation. EVERYONE needs that. It doesn’t matter where you are from in this world. That’s how most of us get jobs, friends, learn a new language, feel at home. That’s why people are obsessed with things like Facebook and LinkedIn: because it WORKS. If you know enough people in the city in the first place, that is.

    GSBTB’s team ups and work is all about that. Creating initial meeting points that can go on to form deeper connections. That’s why we work hard to mix in interesting people, partner companies and projects at every level of our work. A lion’s share of the “magic” happens there. You never know who’ll meet, who will turn out to be “useful” or will give you a hint about where to go next.

    At the end of last year we hosted a group of local politicians and went to share a Syrian meal on Sonnenallee. It turned out that one of the women is a teacher at a school in Neukölln. After the meeting she invited Amjad from GSBTB Open Kitchen to come and cook together with the kids and talk about Syria and suddenly… Amjad had an internship! She had invited him to do an internship at the school as a sports, Arabic and English teacher.

    Things like this happen all the time in our community. Make sure you don’t miss our next Community Team Up event, where the magic happens!