GSBTB Open Music School hosts the Yale Spizzwinks from the US

GSBTB Open Music School’s Social Singing group was excited to host the Yale Spizzwinks all the way from the US for a singing workshop and performance last week.

The Spizzwinks taught the social singing group a number from their a cappella repertoire, while the Social Singing group taught the guys a song in Arabic.

Then the GSBTB community was invited for an intimate concert, where the Spizzwinks performed their set and were joined by the Social Singing group to share the songs they had taught each other during the workshop.

This was a wonderful opportunity for singers from the US, Syria, Pakistan, Australia, Germany and more to swap notes and experience the shared connection offered by music.

Thanks so much to the Spizzwinks for the visit, workshop and entertaining performance!

Photos by Dani Hasrouni