GSBTB Meets Fête de la Musique

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    GSBTB Meets Fête de la Musique

    Last Wednesday we had our very own event for the city-wide Fete de la Musique here in Berlin, which was undoubtedly a great success. We had a bunch of great bands playing for us, an awesome kids’ program (complete with kids’ bands and stations where they could make their own music instruments), delicious Afghan food, henna tattooing and face painting. The day was jam-packed with fun and the festivities went on as late as 12 am!

    Firstly thanks to all of you, who came and laughed, danced, played, painted, ate or drank with us at Fête de la Musique! The cafe was buzzing with excitement, the kids were having fun and our team had a great time making the day fun-packed and exhilarating for you all

    Thank you also to the amazing Sanaz and the other Afghan ladies, who spent the whole day preparing all the beautiful food for us. Served in our Saal, people were buzzing with anticipation for the Afghan recipes. Many even came back for seconds or thirds – thank you ladies, you have no idea how many people were blown away by the dishes you made!

    Massive thanks to the kids bands who showed up and completely rocked our socks off! Simplay Musikschule, KMA Antenne Kreuzberg and Adapter – these budding musicians put a smile on all of our faces 🙂

    Thanks also to Foos4Friends for donating the very popular kicker tables to us and Ben & Jerry’s for giving us all the delicious ice-cream – they were definitely hits!

    We’d like to thank the awesome bands who took out time and energy from their schedules and played for us: Skarabäus, Nawa, G R V – Global Refugee Voice and aJan, thanks for bringing us your unique sounds and an enjoyable listening experience 🙂


    Lastly, a special thank you to all our volunteers for helping us organize the event, managing the craziness and cleaning up after. Your dedication and initiative is what makes GSBTB thrive and grow. The power of our community never ceases to amaze us – thank you for giving something back to Berlin!