Memories from a trip to Poland

This summer, GSBTB organized a trip to Poland with some of the newcomers they know very well. This was the first trip for this family where they were travelling for leisure, and not out of the necessity to flee a dire situation. GSBTB Team Member and Open Art Shelter Manager Hania Hakiel shares some thoughts and memories from the trip. 

“Travelling is always a chance for growth, reconnection and reflection. But when you hit the road for the first time in your life not because you have to (escape, seek refuge or help), but because you can and you want to, it can become a turning point of your young life. You can challenge your fear of having no way back, your trust for strangers, you can become a tourist and a guest versus a refugee, you can acknowledge that next to all terrific experiences there are flowers in the park, butterflies and ice cream, there are beautiful buildings that survived many wars or the ones that people rebuilt after severe destruction, you can be free for these few days and this experience of freedom is something that you will not give up easily anymore.”

“That is why we slowed down our Berlin program for a week to invite one Afghan family for a trip to Poland. One for the start. One is what we can do for now. We hope that many people will keep believing in our program and financially support our drive to heal and build community through deep experiencing. And maybe you will even join us on this road… a big thank you to Eva Herlitz and Buddy Bear e.V.”