Sharing is caring – support our work with an Xmas donation

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    Sharing is caring – support our work with an Xmas donation

    There are many ways to give something back to Berlin, but it doesn’t always have to be through volunteering. One of the most important ways you can become a part of the GSBTB community is by making a donation, either as a private person, through your company or a foundation fund. Every donation is important for our work and community, big or small, a 5 € here and there, or a 50, 500 or 5000 € one time.

    If you follow us on FB we hopefully don’t need to tell you too much about what we do. Most probably you know that since 2013, we have been crazy active, mobilizing our community of 50 shades of new Berliners for all sorts of grassroots driven social impact work. Our goal is to creating meeting points between groups that normally wouldn’t come in contact with each other, to foster community integration and participation among refugees and migrants. This is all to contribute to an inclusive city and society and counter the current climate of anti-immigrant discourse.

    We are involved in everything from working in homeless centers, mentorship programs for underprivileged youth, working with the elderly or creative work with children. GSBTB also runs big projects of our own; for instance, art and trauma therapy in refugee shelters with GSBTB Open Art Shelter​, German and English language learning, GSBTB Open Music School​ – our huge music platform, cooking projects like GSBTB Open Kitchen​, job coaching and much more. Through all those different projects, events and collaborations we reach an insane amount of 25,664 people yearly!

    If you like us and believe that sharing is caring – support our work with an X-mas donation at:

    Merry shary-x-mas ya’ll :))))