“Happy three years’ anniversary to me: of leaving Syria and arriving in Berlin”

Wael Alafandi is a long-time GSBTB volunteer and has previously written for this magazine. Here he reflects on three years since arriving in Germany from Syria.

After a day of driving with our camping car, we arrived last Monday to Linz city in Austria, we parked the car in front of a beautiful park, people were skating, playing basketball and some people were chilling, I got out of the car and gazed at them…
I felt sad, I didn’t know why, looking at the young people doing something they’re passionate about, enjoying life, it made me think backwards on my life. The past 3 years in Europe, the past 3 years since I left Syria. And the war and so on, now I am old enough to be able to think through the times of the war, how did it affect my life and others..
How did it rapidly changed everything. I told Anais do you know; if I can name one thing that the war took away from my life?
Playing Basketball is definitely one of them, doing something I loved and enjoyed simply, few seconds later on and one of the guys had to go, the others were looking around for someone to fill in, there I go, unconsciously I screamed, “me, me, I can play!”
Happy three years anniversary for me, since I left Syria.
I hope to enter the forth with an iron will, a clear mind, a balanced spirit, a dedication to my work, and a joy and fun times.
I wish and for many things, and I’ll do my best to fulfill them all!
and mostly I would love to show my appreciation and kneel to the one and mighty who had never abandoned me, who had always sent me angels to protect me and care over me.
I would be in peace to stay simple, humble, and thank all those who have reached a hand for me over the past 3 years, I sincerely, purely thank you all.

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