GSBTB Anniversary Party #5yearsandcounting

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    GSBTB Anniversary Party #5yearsandcounting

    It’s time to celebrate Give Something Back To Berlin’s 5th anniversary! This end of year party is going to be a special anniversary, bringing together old and new friends, projects and activities built up over five years making worlds meet working together for a better city.

    Please join us on December 11 at 19:00, inside Refugio Berlin, Lenaustrasse 4, 12047 Berlin, for a drink, a dance and some delicious multikulti treats.

    It’s been half a decade of love and connection, hard work and laughter, creative chaos, art and activism. Thousands of GSBTBers have worked very hard to create positive solutions in this increasingly fragile environment. We want to recognise and celebrate every volunteer hour worked, every euro donated, every new friendship forged, project started, skill learned and horizon broadened, and toast to the future of our beautiful, inclusive community.

    The program is packed full in true GSBTB style, with rap from Taha طاها and Leila.A., plus Middle Eastern Tarab dance music from Musiqana.

    Guests of honour will include Sawsan Chebli, the state secretary for civic engagement, who was recently seen cooking with GSBTB – Open Kitchen. More to be announced!

    As always there will be Solidrinks, German Glühwein, American beer, Turkish tea and delicious Syrian and Egyptian food from the GSBTB Open Kitchen. And then there will be YOU, our wonderful community of volunteers and supporters, the heart, hands and brains of this vibrant, eclectic extended family we have created together.

    Let’s toast to the next 5 years and beyond, ready to face the challenges to come as a united, indivisible community focused on participation and inclusion. #5yearsandcounting!

    We can’t wait to see you there.

    Team GSBTB