GSBTB x Joshua Coombes: Light and Noise Art Exhibition

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    GSBTB x Joshua Coombes: Light and Noise Art Exhibition

    Two Fridays ago, we had a full house at the Light & Noise – Kunstausstellung,  with heart-warming conversations, bouncing ideas off each other, creating connections with people and showcasing some amazing art!

    Some of you might have seen a video that went viral globally about the London hairdresser Joshua Coombes cutting hair for free for homeless people on the streets, while amplifying their personal stories. Pampering yourself or making yourself feel good by grooming or self-care is by no means “shallow” – it’s a question of dignity and pride in the harshest of situations or environments. We partnered up with Joshua and the Californian shoe brand TOMS for an exhibition shedding light on the topic of social isolation and homelessness through a beautiful art show.

    We are also beyond happy and proud of the GSBTB-represented Iraqi artist Yasmeen, who has been part of the GSBTB Open Art Shelter project. She ended up selling two of her beautiful pieces – one of which was bought by someone all the way over in Los Angeles (and the buyer bid over Instagram)! ❤️

    See some of the impressions from the night here:

    Founder Annamaria and Executive Director Lucy with Joshua Coombes. Source: Private.

    Yasmeen with her painting. Source: Private.

    Thanks Joshua Coombes for the support in putting on this great event alongside TOMS! Looking forward working together with you in the future! 

    Photos by Annamaria Olsson and Freunde von Freunden.