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    Many of us may feel alienated from the EU – how do the upcoming elections even impact us? Well, these elections directly or indirectly have consequences for so many things we care about – such as policies for climate change, youth unemployment, migration and social issues. That’s why GSBTB focused its May Team Up around the upcoming EU elections on the 29th of May – in order to create awareness among the community and connect them with the relevant actors on the ground tackling these very issues.

     GSBTB Talks Europe was held to give a platform to activists and organisations who have been dealing with the complex issue of European democractic participation. Participants of the event could talk to and mingle with the invitees, while learning about how to vote, what their vote means and how they could get involved in similar projects. The evening was in the buzzing, relaxed spirit of the usual GSBTB community night, but this time with interactive elements such as a video booth where one could have their say and presentations by all the organisations and activists about their very important work.

    We want to give a special thanks to all the organisations and activists – including Martin Pairet from European AlternativesFreie Ungarische BotschaftDiaspora Civică BerlinCitizens For Europe and James Kanter from the podcast EU Scream – coming and presenting their cool on-the-ground work aimed around fostering participation and furthering democracy.

    Thanks also to all the attendees who came and hung out with us! We learned so much that evening – we want to especially thank VoteEuropa Deutschland for their support in this event!

    Thanks also to the team of Deutsche Bank volunteers who cooked the food for the event!

    Photography by Jonathan Smalls.