Get Busy in Berlin #2

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    Get Busy in Berlin #2

    We’d like to thank everyone for making this Community Team Up so bright, vibrant and delicious! Featuring everything from vegetarian Arabic/Yemeni food, to delicious pancakes, our Yemeni members showing off their best traditional dresses, and music performances by community members from Refugio and GSBTB. The goal of this Team Up was to showcase and celebrate the diversity of the GSBTB community – and this night really showcased how talented Berlin’s migrants are!

    We’d also like to thank the organisations we invited for coming and presenting their grassroots work to further social causes in Berlin, including: Base BERLIN, ÉCLAT Crew, The WØMB, SHEChoir, Berlin Mondiale, and ACT e.V. Führe Regie über dein Leben.

    We’d also like to thank our performers, including Madar-Band for bringing us beautiful Arabic instrumental fusion music, and Maxwell for serving up some fresh reggae beats.

    Special thanks to our Yemeni volunteers who organised and cooked the food, traditional Yemeni decor and dresses and helped with the set-up, as well as to all the volunteers who came, cleaned, set-up and worked tirelessly behind the bar! Of course, this night wouldn’t have been complete without delicious pancakes provided by Willem from Pancake Adventures and fresh, creamy hummus by Darem from Assli Hummus.

    Find some impressions from the night below!

    Photography by Jonathan Small.