GSBTB 2020: Give Something Back To The Future

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    GSBTB 2020: Give Something Back To The Future

    GSBTB held a small gathering in November 2019 as a thank you to its community — including all the volunteers and participants — which make its work possible.

    To celebrate the big date — i.e., 2020 — we wanted to not only get back to the future, but also go into the new year by saying a big, huge thank you, and appreciating the people in our community. This incredibly hard-working and supportive community has been going forward for years — so we dedicated this event to every single person who has donated their time, skills, effort and kindness, both to GSBTB and the city of Berlin.

    The night featured GSBTB’s community event staples, such as home-cooked Pakistani food, snacks, Neukölln-sourced craft beer, and for the first time ever, a karaoke station! Thanks to everyone who came and spent the evening with us. We loved how intimate and fun it was — special thanks to those volunteers who ran everything smoothly and made this event great! Check out some of the impressions from the night below:

    Photography by Kristina N. Find more of her work on Facebook and Instagram.