Please support our Open Music School with your donation today!

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    Please support our Open Music School with your donation today!

    Dear friend,

    It is a crazy time, and Give Something Back to Berlin needs your help.

    Berlin went into a necessary partial lockdown a month ago, creating a second wave of financial uncertainty for the most vulnerable groups of our society. Migrants and refugees, especially those working as freelancers and artists, are among those who have been affected the most. It is time for solidarity – please support our work with these vulnerable communities with your donation!

    The lockdown has been especially hard for certain individuals and groups who suffer from isolation. In difficult times like this, it is crucial to help them build a sense of belonging. We have developed opportunities to participate in our activities from a distance throughout the pandemic. One of these initiatives has been the online music classes. Our Open Music School has managed to create meaningful encounters through online sessions and build bridges between people, including those who need it the most.

    Every week, we run nine online music sessions with 50+ participants who borrow instruments from our instrument library to join classes. Your donations will help us buy instruments and make them available to our participants. With € 100 we can buy a student guitar, and € 200 will allow us to buy a piano keyboard. € 300 will allow us to buy quality hardware to provide better video and sound quality during the sessions. We have observed that our community is more resilient when we have the chance to connect with others consistently. Help us stay connected. Please support our work with your donation today.

    Give Something Back to Berlin has created amazing communities that stay at the core of our everyday work. We continue to support them amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. But we cannot do this alone. We need your help – please support our work!

    By supporting us, you contribute to developing a society that is diverse, intercultural, and creative in these difficult times.

    Please donate now.

    Thanks so much for your support!