Join us and host GSBTB’s upcoming video podcast series

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    Join us and host GSBTB’s upcoming video podcast series

    Give Something Back to Berlin seeks a motivated host for its new video podcast series

    The host will take the video podcast’s co-ownership and introduce the audience to inspiring individuals that contribute to Berlin’s multicultural life. These people can be from within the GSBTB community and other Berliners such as international activists, politicians, influencers, change-makers, humanitarians, and philanthropists. Not only do these people make a difference in others’ lives, but they also form the everyday urban scene of Berlin. They will join the video podcast host to talk about their stories, struggles, concerns, talents, and aspirations. Discussions will provide insights into issues ranging from human rights, diversity, and education to migrant identity and belonging to Europe. We welcome the podcast host’s individual goals and interests in content and production. We are happy to discuss further and shape things together.

    The podcast host will work closely with the GSBTB’s Head of Communications and Partnerships for the assignment’s entire duration. The video podcast is expected to have a strong command of the production process and help disseminate the episodes in coordination with the GSBTB. The video editing is GSBTB’s responsibility.

    The assignment starts as of April 2021. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the interviews will be conducted online and recorded via a suitable video conference tool such as Zoom for the initial period. The interviews can take place in physical space only when the health situation allows. For the series, 15-20 episodes are foreseen in total. Still, this number is dependent on Give Something Back to Berlin’s financial and operational limits and strategic decisions. The average frequency of release will be one episode per three-four weeks. Each episode should be between 30 and 45 minutes. The episodes will be published on the GSBTB website and YouTube channel and (re)distributed on its other social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Duties and responsibilities include the following:

    • Search for, identify, and invite potential guests for the video podcast
    • Help guests prepare for the interview in terms of the interview
    • Developing discussion topics and questions for the interview
    • Organise the technical setup and audiovisual recording of the interview
    • Coordinate with the GSBTB team for submission of the video file
    • Share insights into the interview experience
    • Assist in disseminating the finalised versions of the podcast episodes

    Requested profile and skills: 

    • High fluency in English. Excellent skills in verbal and written communication are needed. German skills are plus but not a must.
    • Natural and articulate converser who keeps an uplifting tone while being deeply engaged in a discussion.
    • Having good skills in getting people speak and being comfortable to talk before the camera is necessary.
    • Able to plan, guide a talk according to a designed plan, and be flexible according to the flow of the conversation while keeping the context and goals of the entire podcast series.
    • Is aware of own biases and prejudices. Stays calm under pressure and during difficult conversations, deals with conflict constructively.
    • Versatility in communication is needed. Prior experience in media and journalism, moderation, facilitation, public speaking is an asset.
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team and openness to receive feedback.
    • Can be flexible in arranging interviews according to the guests’ schedule.
    • Is up to date about political developments in Berlin and beyond, and able to feed this knowledge into conversations with podcast guests.
    • Genuine interest in social, cultural and political issues that affect the lives of migrant and refugee communities and individuals. Can align with the vision, mission, and values of GSBTB, and speak with podcast guests on behalf of the organisation.
    • Having Global South background and migration experience in Germany is a big plus.

    Working relations: Primarily with Communications and Partnerships team, but also with Community Manager and Programming team when necessary

    Compensation: GSBTB will pay the host 250 Euro per episode upon issuing an invoice.

    Duration: 15-20 episodes. GSBTB can prolong the assignment upon success and further resources.

    Deadline for applications: Please send your CV and motivation letter to Ragıp Zık at by 16 April 2021. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

    Give Something to Berlin is an association that connects migrants, refugees, and locals to engage in building an open and inclusive society. We focus on the impact of migration on the urban level and develop innovative practices that make a difference in people’s everyday lives and long-term perspectives. We nurture spaces where new and established Berliners work together to foster individual and collective creativity. We challenge the way integration is described. We make worlds meet for a better city.