Call for applications for a study trip for journalists to Ukraine

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    Call for applications for a study trip for journalists to Ukraine

    GSBTB’s Estonian partner organisation, NGO Mondo, is organising a study trip for journalists to Ukraine. The purpose of the study visit is to allow journalists from the Baltic states, Poland and Germany to research about employment and/or conflict related migration in Ukraine. 

    The study visit will be organised in the framework of the project Shared Journeys: Facts and Stories of 21st Century Migration co-financed by the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, the National Foundation of Civil Society, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia from development cooperation and humanitarian aid funds. The main goal of the project is to facilitate a more open, inclusive and knowledgeable attitude towards migration and migrants. This involves empowering young journalists.

    The call is open to active journalists and journalism students of up to 35 years of age from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. Fluency in Russian is a requirement.

    Click here to see this call in Russian.

    Time of visit: 22–28 November 2021.

    Funding and organisation of visit: A total of eight journalists can participate in the visit. All travel, accommodation and catering costs are covered by NGO Mondo.

    Itinerary of visit: Meetings with the International Organization for Migration’s mission in Ukraine, representatives of ministries handling migration, local journalists and NGOs dealing with internally displaced people in Kyiv. Field trip to Western Ukraine.

    Potential topics to cover: Ukrainian workers are well-known in many European countries. Often, the media pursues the topic of migrant workers in the context of the country of destination. What migration means to the Ukrainian economy and local residents receives less attention. Since 2014, a large number of internally displaced people have migrated to various regions within Ukraine (an estimated 1.5 million people according to UNHCR). How has migration affected the regions where the internally displaced people have travelled?

    Expectations regarding the journalists: we expect the journalists to be genuinely interested in the topic and contact Ukrainians living in their country, as well their family members in Ukraine, to provide a human dimension to the coverage. A journalist must publish at least two pieces of media content after the visit. Cooperation between journalists from different countries and publishing joint stories is highly desirable.

    Application process:

    Please submit the required documents (in English):

    – CV(s) of journalist(s)

    – motivation letter (max 1 A4)

    – overview of outlets where the journalist plans to publish the media content on the visit (name of publication/channel, readership / number of subscribers).

    Application deadline: 30 October 2021. Send the applications by e-mail, Please note that Give Something Back to Berlin is not involved in the selection process.

    Applicants will be notified of the call results via e-mail by NGO Mondo by 8 November 2021 at the latest. Interviews will be conducted, if need be.

    Photo by Valik Chernetskyi on Unsplash