Reimagining Give Something Back to Berlin

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    Reimagining Give Something Back to Berlin

    Leaving a decade behind, GSBTB looks into the future and discusses its next move

    A social media message kickstarted a movement in Berlin ten years ago, in 2012. A group of refugees, locals, and migrants came together to establish a network of support and solidarity, which laid the foundations of what became Give Something Back to Berlin (GSBTB). Established as an association in 2013, GSBTB reached out to 35.000 people over the past ten years, generating 160.000 volunteering hours.

    Our 10-year impact report takes you through our journey and tells some of the challenges and achievements we had in the past decade. Annamaria’s intro will give you a sneak peek.

    Moving into the next decade, we started a collective thought process to reimagine GSBTB. We are identifying the present and possible future challenges and the ways we can address them. We asked people from within and out of our community to form the GSBTB Vision Task Force and help us think beyond our horizon. A group of 15 consultants and experts from nonprofit, private and public sectors agreed to volunteer and help us in this complex journey we are embarking on. The task force will hold six meetings along the way and will make recommendations for a roadmap. We will also consult with more people on the side to discuss specific issues that come out during the meetings. The results of this process will have an impact on GSBTB’s structure and programming and will probably create an organisational change.

    We are committed to making this thinking process as inclusive as possible. Join us by filling in this quick survey to tell how we have been doing and what we should do in the future. Feel free to reach out to our team members to discuss your ideas further!