GSBTB Talks Europe

When: May 21, 2019

Time: 18:30-22:00

Where: Refugio Berlin, Lenaustrasse 4

Next week we’ll be hosting another GSBTB Community Team up together with VoteEuropa Deutschland, this time with a focus on the upcoming European elections – together with a cool mix of activist groups and other organisations! ♥

For a lot of people, this election can feel a bit vague – common questions come up such as “What does it even have to do with me?” and “What does it change?”. Actually it changes a lot – and many of us don’t have the privilege to participate in it. Many in our community do not have the right to vote in these elections, but face growing populism and terrifying migration policies. If you are one of the lucky few who does, it’s time raise your voice now and vote in solidarity for your friends and neighbours!

The evening will be in the buzzing, relaxed spirit of the usual GSBTB community night, but this time with interactive elements such as a video booth where you can have your say, information about how to vote, and opportunities to connect with and talk to guest organisations. As an added bonus, we’ll also be gathering wishes and ideas from all participants about what they want for their future in Berlin and presenting them to the city household budget discussions of the local council in a couple of weeks!

We’ll also be welcoming activists such as Martin Pairet from European Alternatives as well as the Hungarian Free University (Freie Ungarische Botschaft), Diaspora Civică Berlin, Citizens For Europe and James Kanter from the podcast EU Scream. The welcoming address will be given by the EU representative of Neukölln, Ms. Tan!

As always you will have the chance to mingle and meet lovely and interesting new people from all over the world, ask questions, have your say, and eat some delicious Tibetan fusion food. Yum!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your voice heard!

6:30 – 7:15 – Arrival and food
7:15 – 7:45 – Welcome speech by EU representative, GSBTB and short introduction of each guest activist organisation
7:45 – 10:00 – Networking, mingling, having your say!

See you soon ♥