Therapeutic power of art. Self-experience workshop

When: April 27, 2017

Time: 11am- 1pm

Where: GSBTB Office, 2nd floor, Lenaustrasse 4

With this workshop GSBTB initiates series of workshops for volunteers aiming towards self-growth and hands-on knowledge useful in everyday life and in work. At these two hours workshop we will apply simple art techniques useful in everyday work with children and adults focusing on expressing complex emotional world.

Art can be a powerful tool helping us connect with the inner world and with the others, unfold hidden stories and emotions, defrost what has been frozen by fear or shame…

You learn by experiencing and sharing. You do not need to have any previous experience with holding a crayon or a brush. The less you know the easier it is actually to connect with your inner, expressive, playful self.

The space will be hold by Hania Hakiel, GSBTB Open Art Shelter, a trained psychologist and psychotherapist encouraging people to make their hands dirty with paint or clay.

The space is limited so sign up by sending email to