Women*’s 4-Week Singing Workshop with SHE Choir Berlin

When: June 13, 2019

Time: 18:30

Where: Open Music School, 1. OG, Lenaustr. 3

A 4-week Singing workshop just for Women*!

With this workshop we provide a safe environment to discover the range of your voice. Musical experience is not necessary. You’re gonna learn how to warm up your voice and to sing in harmony without any sheet music. At the end of the workshop we will be able to sing a popular song in three parts.

She Choir Berlin is a free, non-auditioned, community led women’s choir in Berlin. Everyone identifying as female is invited to join us, to arrange music, to conduct or to sing. We encourage everyone to get involved, if they want.

06.06. – 27.06.
Thursdays, 18:30
Lenaustraße 3, 12047 (1st Floor, ring our bell)


*These workshops are FREE and open to anyone identifying as female (Trans/Gender-Queer/Non-Binary inclusive). We have guitars you can use, or you can bring your own.