Annamaria Olsson


Board / Vice Chairperson

Annamaria Olsson is a Swedish activist, social entrepreneur and writer who has been living in Berlin since 2008.

Annamaria completed a degree in the History of Ideas and Gender, Middle Eastern and Holocaust Studies at Humboldt and Uppsala University. In 2012, she started working on the idea for Give Something Back To Berlin, which was officially founded and established in 2013.

Prior to founding GSBTB, she has over 10 years of NGO experience from Sweden, where she was Director at SECO, one of the biggest Swedish NGOs. She has also worked as a freelance correspondent from Berlin, Germany and Brazil, writing for well-known Swedish magazines and newspapers; in 2014, she published her first book.

Besides working with GSBTB, Annamaria is on a scholarship writing a creative non-fiction book about people whose destinies have been shaped by borders, exile and migration, aiming to interweave the history of Germany and Berlin with currents event, including migration from the Middle East (and beyond), demonstrating interesting similarities and historical overlap. Her short stories have been published in both Swedish and English publications.