Malakeh and Mohammed open their own restaurant

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    Malakeh and Mohammed open their own restaurant

    So happy for the next big step in the journey of Refugio superstars Malakeh and Mohammad’s lives – their own restaurant! Starting here in the Refugio community kitchen, cooking and cleaning around the clock, building up their own catering (even cooking for Angela Merkel!) – and now they finally have their own space to share the culture of their beloved homeland Syria. It was a lovely evening filled with culinary treats, old and new faces, music, arts and stories from some of the biggest poets and activists from Syria. The GSBTB team wishes you the best of luck!

    Malakeh with some friends inside the restaurant.

    Malakeh and Mohammed talk to a DW reporter.

    A dancer whirls around in his neon-studded dress outside the restaurant.

    Food served for guests inside the restaurant.

    The opening featured a host of live musicians, sharing sounds from their cultures.

    Festivities outside the restaurant.

    An eager crowd of friends, family and supporters.

    Malakeh’s eponymous cooking book.

    Swing by Potsdamerstraße 153 to support some refugee and female entrepreneurship and empowerment!

    Photos taken by Silke Georgi, our GSBTB English conversation cafe organiser.