Rap/Flow 101

When: March 4, 2019

Time: 18:00-20:00

Where: Open Music School, 1. OG, Lenaustr. 3

You want to write a rap song, but you don’t know where to start? Or you’re already writing rap songs, but they aren’t sounding so good? Do you know what flow is? And if you do, do you see yourself sometimes repeating someone’s else flow? And how can you make a beat that can catch your flow?

Rapper, lyricist and producer Taha takes us through all these aspects of finding your unique style. Originally from Aleppo in Syria, Taha has been playing music since 2007 and founded the band ولادالعم wladalamm (the cousins) in Berlin in 2016. Amalgamating postmodern prose contemporary poetry, Arabic rap, and classical poetry, Taha believes Arabic rap has its own flavour, roots, and agenda – representing a unique approach to social criticism.

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