Turntablism for Producers

When: March 25, 2019

Time: 18:00-20:00

Where: Open Music School, 1. OG, Lenaustr. 3

The turntable – the record player – is the DJ’s instrument, seamlessly blending tracks to build and shift the mood of an audience or a dancefloor. But it can be an instrument for the producer too – a powerful compositional and production tool, encompassing a world of sounds and techniques.

In this workshop, highly acclaimed turntablist Eveline Schürmann shows how to prepare samples and manipulate them with the turntable as an instrument. Explaining the DJ techniques of turntablism, she teaches how to use them in music production to create interesting effects and sound textures.

Schürmann has been a DJ and Turntablist since 2007, and has taught workshops in turntablism for 10 years alongside her career as an electronic music producer. A representative of the Berlin Sample Music Festival, she was a finalist in 2018’s Red Bull International DJ Competition.