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Welcome to Give Something Back to Berlin’s video podcast series Agora! In this series, we introduce you to some inspiring individuals that contribute to Berlin’s multicultural life. You will meet some people from the GSBTB community, but also other Berliners who have a story to tell. You will get to know grassroots initiatives where migrants and refugees are actively engaged in making our city more open, diverse, and inclusive. Not only do they make a difference in others’ lives, but also form the everyday urban scene of Berlin, the city we love and live in. They will join us to talk about their stories, struggles, concerns, talents, and aspirations. Discussions will provide insights into issues ranging from human rights, diversity, and education to migrant identity and belonging in relation to Europe. Let us take you through a journey to Berlin’s social and cultural life and beyond!

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What is the Agora Podcast about?

The Agora is based on the essential idea as the name implies: It’s a central public space. Agora was a gathering place Ancient Greek cities for people to tell about their personal stories, exchange opinions about politics and social life in the city.

In this podcast, we focus on the impact of migration on the urban level and develop innovative practices that matter in people’s everyday lives and long-term perspectives. We introduce you to people from our diverse community, people whose work have inspired us, and change makers who make a difference in the city we live in, Berlin. We ask our guests what they understand from giving back to the society.

The Agora Podcast has started as part of a pan-European initiative called „I am European“ led by our Estonian partner organisation Mondo and financed by the European Union. It contributes to a social media campaign that promotes a culture of peace and tolerance towards migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

The Agora Podcast Episodes

Among our guests are the migrant section of Deutsche Wohnen & Co. Enteignen campaign, Open Music School and Open Music Lab, the Arabic bookshop Khan Aljanub, Open Hearts Space. We have a long queue to add to that list as well.

The video episodes are available on our Youtube Channel:

The episodes can also be listened as audio podcast series through some of the major podcast providers.

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Get involved with the Agora Podcast!

Donate to sustain our work!

We are running this podcast with a tiny budget. We often have expenses for renting and transporting equipment. We appreciate all donations, big and small and you can choose a one-off donation or set up regular contributions. You can donate by following the instructions on this page.

Donate equipment!

You have a good microphone, camera, tripod, or software and want to give it to us? That’s great! You can send/drop off donations to Give Something Back to Berlin e.V. office address: Lenaustrasse 4, 12047 Berlin, or simply get in touch to organise pick up.

Become a guest in one of the episodes!

We are always looking for friendly, passionate and patient guests who can share with us the details of their work. We are interested in meeting people who run or take part in migrant initiatives that make a difference in others‘ lives. We have a lovely team to make you comfortable and help you reach out to a wider audience. Get in touch and we can discuss more!


Contact Ragıp Zık at for inquiries.