GSBTB Community Team-Up

When: August 5, 2017

Time: 6-9 p.m.

Where: Refugio, Lenaustr. 4

Technically it’s summer now… well… maybe it’s still coming.

But what better way to stay dry and meet people than our regular Community Team-Ups. We get together with all of you and exchange the latest on all things being new (or not so new) in Berlin!

As usual, you will have the chance to meet us and a lot of the people involved in various projects personally, find out more about volunteering opportunities across the city and also present your own projects and ideas to find like-minded people!

The Open Kitchen will be cooking up a storm that day. So anyone who wants to join them in the kitchen, learn some new recipes and meet some super cool members of our community, here’s the sign up sheet for that:
If all the spots are full, come along anyway. We can always use an extra pair of hands in the kitchen 🙂

Additionally, we recently got a super generous donation of a kicker table so we get a mini-tournament going 🙂

So here’s the schedule of the night:
6 pm: Arriving at the Sharehouse, get to know each other over food
6.30: Presentation of GSBTB
7 pm: Open Stage project and idea pitching + Ice-Breaker Game!
8 pm-9 pm: Connect with and talk to people over drinks