Open Sprachcafé by GSBTB and Refugio

When: August 21, 2019

Time: 17:30-19:30

Every Wednesday we get together over snacks and tea for our “Sprachcafé” (language café). It’s the perfect place to meet new people, practice your German, find a tandem partner and get your dose of social interaction on an otherwise slow Wednesday evening 🙂

The Sprachcafé is aimed at all levels of language proficiency, from total beginner to seasoned grammar captain. We are a community of learners, and people at different stages in the process help each other out. Sometimes we play language-related games, sometimes we exchange experiences on finding a flat in Berlin or draft official emails together. One thing is sure: you’ll leave the Sprachcafé with something that you learned that day, whether it be a tricky piece of German grammar explained to you by a guy from Syria, tips on what funky 90s German music you shouldn’t miss out on or at the very least where to find the hottest Sprachkaffee in town!

Wait no more and join us next Wednesday! And feel free to show up a little ahead of time to help us set the space up 🙂