Social Cooking

When: December 2, 2018

Time: 12:00

Where: Lenaustrasse 4, Refugio

And it’s December! How on earth is it the last month of the year already???
Anyway, we want to see you and cook with you one more time this year. And we’ve got a super excited menu lined up. We’re making Indonesian food. There will be lots of different flavours, lots of colours and most importantly, all of you to hang out with 🙂

Due to a scheduled event at Refugio, we’re cooking on Sunday. If anyone is around on Saturday and would like to lend a hand with the shopping on Saturday, drop me a line.

Oh, an one more thing, we’ll be making a collection for one of our oldest community members, who is now living in Poland and is about to get married. He needs help with all of the admin that goes with it, and isn’t able to work yet.

Saturday 3pm: Shopping
Sunday 12pm: Cooking

See you soon!