Social Cooking December

When: December 19, 2017

Time: 1pm

Where: Refugio Cafe, Lenaustr. 4, 12047 Berlin

As every first Saturday of the month we gather over food and stories. And it’s the last one this year (how crazy is that?!?)
This time we have a few families from the Malteser Notunterkunft visiting us. So get ready for some delicious food!
We’ll start at 1pm with the shopping.
Then from 1.30pm we have the kitchen at Refugio.
We’ll eat at around 3pm
If a few people could stay behind and help us tidy up, we’d be super grateful. Thank you for signing up for it!
As always, we have created a volunteer sign up sheet, just to be able to see how many people want to come. If your prefered slot isn’t open anymore just come along anyway. We just want to make sure we have a minimum of a few people for all the tasks.