Frequently asked questions

    How do I volunteer?

    Volunteers are the driving force of our community work. From helping us organise an event, to getting involved in a long-term project, you can find numerous ways to volunteer at Give Something Back to Berlin. Check out the ongoing projects and activity calendar, where you will also find the contact information of the project managers. Write to them directly and tell them about your interests and availability. Otherwise, you can always write us at if you need further assistance.

    Can I come and go as I want?

    GSBTB offers both one-time volunteering opportunities— like leading a workshop on a specific topic— and long-term project engagements, such as teaching guitar or yoga classes over a few months. The latter will require consistency and time commitment. But as you will most probably love GSBTB, we aren’t afraid you’ll leave too soon! You can also follow us on social media for more spontaneous short term engagements!

    Is it a binding agreement?

    Well, no. We suggest that you consider what kind of commitment you can make and choose a project that matches that schedule. Our projects rely on volunteers, so once you have been matched to a project and agreed on a shift, please don’t stand them up!

    Can I just participate and not be a volunteer?

    Of course! Our activities are both for volunteers and participants. You can just come and be part of the community while learning new skills and sharing the experience with others. However, if you sign up for a course with limited capacity, please attend the activity and be on time. Remember that the instructors are volunteers and will be waiting for you there.

    Do I need to speak German?

    The short answer is no. However, each project is different and in some cases you may need to know basic German for communication. But we recognize the importance of accommodating linguistic diversity and we continue to work in multiple languages through our projects. Those with no or little German skills never had problem in volunteering and participating.

    How long will it take to get an answer?

    We try to be as fast as possible, but do ask that you are patient. Our staff work mostly part time and irregular hours. However, most of our activities do not require signing up: you can just walk in. Check them out here:

    Do you have community meet-ups?

    YES! You will be informed about when and where through our newsletter and by following us on social media (see the links in the bottom right of the page)! At the meetings you can get to know us, our partners and the different people involved in social projects in Berlin. You can also meet like-minded folks and discuss your ideas for collaborations.

    Are there specific requirements for becoming a volunteer?

    Each project and activity has a different environment. Some need commitment for a certain period of time, while others can operate on a come-and-go basis. Other than that, we recommend you just be open to new people and situations, reliable, make an effort and love Berlin!

    Does it cost anything to volunteer or participate in an activity?

    No, we don’t charge anything for our activities. You can take part in all of our activities for free. GSBTB is a registered NGO running completely from donations. Please consider donating to help us continue our work!

    Can GSBTB help promote/share this and that?

    If it’s not related to any of our projects or the values we stand for, no.

    I’m from a company/university/municipality and I wanna collaborate with you!

    Great! Please be aware that GSBTB as an organization doesn’t have the capacity to offer free work for companies, municipalities or universities (for instance “consulting work” or placing employees or students in projects). We do collaborate with many partners but appreciate that our time and efforts are included in your budget plans. If you have an idea for this form of collaboration, please get in touch with us at