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How do I volunteer?

On the GSBTB website you can find a lot of different opportunities to offer your time and skills. On the left-hand side of our website we regularly post offers from different organisations who need a helping hand. So:

Scroll down the list and look for the most suitable opportunity for you

Choose one project and click on it, then you will find the complete description, date, time, requirements and then…

You can apply by clicking on the “I want to do this” button. You will then have to fill in a form with information about yourself.

Another possibility is offering a skill to organisations and initiatives by sending us your profile/ offer. It will look a bit like THIS or THIS.

We do not post your personal info such as phone number, email..etc. We usually only post your first name.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up, we will start processing your application and get back to you. At the same time we contact the organisation you applied for and forward your details. If you fit the organisation’s profile and/or they have a space left they will contact you and voilá the collaboration can start!

Can I come and go as I want?

Well, GSBTB offers both one-off opportunities (like doing workshops with kids at a neighbourhood party) or more long-term projects such as afternoon clubs for youngsters, and teaching/mentoring activities. Those may require a more long-term engagement as it is about building up trust. As you will most probably love the project, we’re not afraid you’ll leave so soon! Also follow us on Facebook for more spontaneous short term engagements! It is also helpful for us to know if you have plans to leave Berlin.

Do I need to speak German?

Each project is different but usually we set up collaborations in order to give everyone the chance to get involved, even without German skills. In some projects, due to the target group you do need to speak some German but it’s all listed in the project description! Be savvy and look into our wide range of opportunities.

How long will it take to get an answer?

We try to be as fast as possible, but do ask that you are patient since we get a lot of sign-ups and have hundreds of volunteers 🙂

Is it a binding agreement?

Well, no. We suggest that you consider what kind of commitment you can make and choose a project that matches that. Our projects rely on volunteers and work hard, so once you have been matched to a project and agreed on a shift, don’t stand them up!

Do I need to meet you before starting to volunteer?

No, but some organisations (for example if working with homeless people) may want to meet you for an information meeting and to inform you about what to expect.

Do you have community meet-ups?

YES! You will be informed about when and where through our newsletter and by following us on Facebook! At the meetings you can get to know us, our partners and the different people involved in social projects in Berlin. You can also meet like-minded folks and discuss your ideas for collaborations.

Are there specific requirements for becoming a volunteer?

Yes! Be open to new people and situations, reliable, make an effort and love Berlin!

Does it cost anything to volunteer?

No, we don’t charge for this service, but GSBTB is a registered NGO living completely from donations. Please consider donating to help us continue our work!

What if I have more questions?

Please be patient with us – we get so many emails every week, and a lot of people asking questions about volunteering. This is great, but please remember that we have no institutional funding and cannot always get back to you straight away with massive long personal answers.

Can GSBTB help promote/share this and that?

If it’s not related to any of our social projects or work, normally no…

I’m from a company/university/municipality and I wanna collaborate with you!

Great! Please be aware that GSBTB as an organization doesn’t have the capacity to offer free work for companies, municipalities or universities (for instance “consulting work” or placing employees or students in projects). We do collaborate with clients who understand that boosting high quality social impact work has a price. If you have an idea for this form of collaboration, please get in touch!