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    Calls for volunteers and offers for capacity building courses and workshops


    • Teach programming to kids

      The Digital Kids Program at ReDI School Berlin is looking for volunteers to teach in 2 courses.

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    • Volunteer call for piano, guitar, and ukulele teachers

      No need for knowledge of musical theory or experience in teaching

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    • Competent German speaker volunteers wanted!

      Help migrants and refugees build German language skills in a friendly environment.

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    Volunteer with us!

    Volunteers are the driving force of our work. You can help organise a one-off event or be involved in a long-term project by sharing your skills with others. Have a look at our ongoing projects and the activity calendar. Reach out to project managers for volunteering and tell them about your interests and availability. If you cannot decide, write to our Community Manager at and ask for suggestions.

    Donate to us!

    We need your donations to create volunteering opportunities for everyone and provide all workshops and courses for free. We are a non-profit organisation and have a valid charity status, meaning that all donations are tax-deductible. Have a look at our donors’ testimonials and make a donation through this page.

    Engage with our community as a group!

    We collaborate with the private and public sector, educational institutions and nonprofits throughout the year. We curate authentic experiences where incoming groups engage with our community in an intercultural environment.

    Our staff and volunteers can facilitate lectures and workshops for your group where both sides learn from one another. The impact of our encounters go beyond traditional charity and corporate volunteering practices.

    Get in touch to start a conversation.

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    Come by and meet us!

    Our office is based at the premises of the Refugio Berlin, which is our leading partner and a promising example of how urban integration might look like. Refugio is a co-living space where 35 refugees and locals live and work together in the heart of Berlin’s Neukölln district.

    Our address is:

    Give Something Back to Berlin e.V.
    c/o Sharehaus Refugio
    Lenaustrasse 4, 12047 Berlin, Germany
    (entrance through Refugio Café)

    For general inquiries contact us at

    For specific questions contact the respective project manager.