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    The Community Hub is a platform where knowledge and skill sharing made easy. It is a framework for organising workshops, classes, and other activities in a simple and accessible way.

    It allows anyone to share a skill, host a workshop, organise an event. We offer the necessary infrastructure and materials for you to conduct your activity - maybe your dream project!

    The Community Hub is a platform where knowledge and skill sharing are made easy. It is a framework for organising workshops, classes, and other activities in a simple and accessible way. The Community Hub embodies GSBTB’s philosophy and its intention to give agency to everybody regardless of their background. It is a platform for empowerment that supports and enables everyone to share their skills with others. Everyone is welcome to participate, and it is free of charge.

      What is the Community Hub about?

      The Community Hub is a social setting where people can share their skills, in the form of classes, workshops or activities.

      Not only is the Community Hub designed for newcomers in Berlin but also for people who want to expand their network. The activities are hosted by volunteers of the community. Everyone could become a volunteer and support the project by suggesting ideas and also by conducting workshops. People who obtain the status of a class instructor don’t have to be professionals. Certification is not needed to become an instructor, it’s enough that you embrace the idea of sharing skills and knowledge with others. GSBTB helps volunteers in the workshop planning process, particularly in terms of communication and advertising.

      Community Hub aims to provide a variety of free activities and embody the idea of sharing knowledge. The motto of the project is “From the Community for the Community”, as people from the community provide diverse services to people within the community.

      Community Hub activities

      Some examples of workshops the Community Hub has hosted are fashion design, MS Excel, photography, makeup, voice activation, theatre, Persian dance, public speaking, women’s reproductive health (together with The Storytelling Postcard).

      Every week the Community Hub offers a Yoga class for beginners and an Open Salon offering free haircuts to community members. Another regular event is the Community Kino, where we screen indie films and talk to the film-makers to dig deeper into the topics behind the films.

      For information on the workshops and updates please visit the Activity Calendar on our website and follow us on social media – find the links below this page.

      Unlike other project we have, most of the Community Hub activities need signing up in advance. Book your place here:

      Get involved with the Community Hub!

      Organise your own workshop!

      Do you want to become a volunteer and conduct your own workshop? We can assist you plan a workshop that is relevant to your ideas. To begin, please contact us at, and explain your idea. He will help you adjust it to our community and discuss a possible time to start your workshop.

      Join a workshop!

      Our Community Hub is a great place to meet new people and exchange ideas. We encourage one another to be more inventive and creative. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or stage in life, has something to contribute and take. We look forward to seeing you there!

      Donate to sustain our work!

      Everyone is welcome to participate in any of our activities for free.  All donations, big and small, are greatly appreciated. You can make a one-time donation or set up recurring monthly or yearly contributions. Follow the instructions on this page to donate.


      The Community Hub looks forward to hearing from you! For additional information, please contact us at

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