Fanny Sorgo


Open Music School Assistant Coordinator

Born in Vienna, Austria, Fanny moved to Berlin in 2012 to study Szenisches Schreiben at the UdK Berlin. After finishing her studies in 2016, she completed her Masters in Narrative Film at the same university. She has written a number of theater plays which were shown and performed (also by herself) in many theaters in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, as well as in France, where she lived and studied in 2011 and in 2015. She has also performed her plays in the Deutsche Oper Berlin and at the Kassematten Theater in Luxembourg. 

Since 2017, Fanny grew interested in writing with music, which directly led her to the GSBTB – Open Music School. Since she has stepped through the open doors of the OMS, she partakes in the piano classes, and whenever she finds time, the other amazing classes which are offered there. Since March 2019, she is helping Tom with organising the OMS — and soon, she’ll be a professional in tuning guitars!